Electronic Medical Records Market Fueled by Stimulus

Switch to electronic records hard for some doctors, hospitals

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009  

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More than five years ago, one of California’s leading hospitals decided to leap into the future of medical care by digitizing its patients’ health records. Despite a $50 million investment and countless hours trying to overcome persistent technical headaches, the system is still not fully up and running.

This summer, the University of California San Francisco Medical Center quietly wrote off more than a third of the money it has spent, terminated its contractor and prepared to start part of the project from scratch.

“We’re disappointed. A ...

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Stimulus money fueling market for electronic medical records systems

Thursday, November 5th, 2009  

This article is being published jointly with the HuffingtonPost Investigative Fund .

In a previous version, Dr. John Halamka's last name was misspelled. The Workshop regrets the error.

The government’s $45 billion plan to jump-start a national shift to electronic medical records has touched off a gold rush among scores of technology firms – even as many experts question whether the benefits of the products are being oversold.

Federal officials won’t decide until early next year which types of systems to certify. But some of the world’s largest companies, including General Electric, Microsoft, Dell and German-based Siemens Corp ...

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