Nuclear Energy’s Lobbying Push

New reactor design details

Sunday, January 24th, 2010 

Design Company Reactor type Generating capacity Key features Proposed locations
Advanced Passive 1000



Sources: NRC , Design amendment

Westinghouse Pressurized water reactor
1,150 MWe or enough electricity to power a city with a population of about 650,000
Shuts down in an emergency without requiring operator action for 72 hours. About half of the 440 nuclear plants worldwide operate using Westinghouse technology, according to the company. Duke Energy’s William Lee site in Cherokee County, S.C.; FPL's Turkey Point site in Homestead, Fla.; Progress Energy’s site in Levy County, Fla.; Progress Energy Carolinas’ Harris site in Wake County, N.C.; South Carolina Electric & Gas V.C. Summer site in Fairfield County, S.C.; Southern Nuclear Operating Company’s Vogtle site in Burke County, Georgia; Tennessee Valley Authority’s Bellefonte site in Jackson County, Ala.
Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor



Sources: NRC, GE Power

GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Boiling water reactor 1,520 MWe or enough electricity to power nearly 1 million homes If water in the reactor vessel drops below normal levels, steam is condensed back into water and activates a gravity-driven cooling system. If radioactive material is released, it’s trapped in the containment building rather than escaping into the environment. Detroit Edison Company’s Fermi site in Monroe County, Mich.; Dominion’s North Anna site in Louisa County, Va.
Evolutionary Power Reactor



Sources: NRC , Areva

Areva Nuclear Power Pressurized water reactor 1,650 MWe or enough electricity to power 1.5 million homes Areva’s design uses less uranium than its predecessors, has lower power generation costs, and it's double-containment building can withstand a military or commercial airplane crash, according to the company. In case of emergency, one of four redundant safety systems kicks in.
AmerenUE's Callaway site in Callaway County, Missouri; PPL's Bell Bend site in Luzerne County, Pa.; UniStar Nuclear Energy's Nine Mile Point site in Oswego, New York; Unistar's Calvert Cliffs site in Calvert County, Maryland.
U.S. Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor



Sources: NRC , Company submission to Energy Dept. , Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Pressurized water reactor 1,700 MWe or enough electricity to power 875,000 homes Design modified for U.S. market: Size of plant, which includes four steam generators, reduced by 20 percent. Mixed oxide fuel, which is made from reprocessed nuclear fuel waste, may be an option. Luminant's Comanche Peak site in Somervell County, Texas