Map: Wind farms awarded stimulus grants before program started

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 

About $706 million in federal stimulus money went to wind farms that were completed before President Obama was inaugurated, according to a new story by The Investigative Reporting Workshop. A total of $1.3 billion went to 19 farms finished before the first dime of stimulus grant money for renewable energy was ever handed out. Above: the 19 projects in question, click on the dots to reveal information about each wind farm, or zoom in and switch to "satellite" mode to view the wind farms from above (not all are visible); below: a sortable chart of the details of each farm, including the date Federal Aviation Administration records indicate the final tower on each project was built.

Click on a column header to sort the table; click a second time to reverse the sort order.

NameOwner (Country) Stimulus amountCapacity (MW)Complete date (FAA)Grant date
Canandaigua Power Partners, LLC IIFirst Wind (United States)$18,606,24037.505/13/0809/21/09
Canandaigua Power Partners, LLC IFirst Wind (United States)$43,230,60087.505/20/0809/01/09
Stetson WindFirst Wind (United States)$40,441,4715707/16/0809/21/09
Barton Chapel Wind, LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$72,573,62712008/13/0809/01/09
Bull Creek Wind LLCEurus (Japan)$91,390,49718011/07/0809/01/09
Pebble Springs Wind LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$46,543,21998.711/25/0809/01/09
Barton WindIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$93,419,88316012/05/0809/21/09
PyronE.On Climate and Renewables (Germany)$121,903,30624912/11/0809/01/09
Wheat Field Wind Power Project LLCHorizon-EDPR (Portugal)$47,717,15596.611/10/0809/01/09
Moraine IIIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$40,586,83249.512/16/0809/01/09
Locust Ridge II, LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$59,162,06410201/01/0909/21/09
Penascal Wind Power LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$114,071,646201.602/24/0912/04/09
EcoGrove Wind LLCAcciona Energy (Spain)$67,868,807100.503/18/0911/20/09
Rail Splitter Wind Farm, LLCHorizon-EDPR (Portugal)$61,447,344100.503/26/0912/23/09
Farmers City Wind, LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$84,959,85712004/01/0911/20/09
Sunray Wind LLCValero (United States)$26,246,8253904/28/0911/20/09
Dry Lake Wind Power LLCIberdrola Renewables (Spain)$31,345,7996310/24/0811/20/09
Gulf WindBabcock & Brown (Australia)$178,004,264283.205/20/0911/20/09
Northern Colorado Wind Energy, LLCNextEra (United States)$99,900,326173.208/14/0909/01/09

Sources: Federal Aviation Administration (7460-1 Obstruction Evaluation, Airport Airspace Analysis), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Electric Quarterly Reports), American Wind Energy Association (U.S. Wind Energy Projects)