Who’s getting PPP money?

Nearly two months since Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, the Small Business Administration has failed to release a list of recipients of Paycheck Protection Program loans.

Resources for reporting on coronavirus

Coronavirus coverage: Senior Editor John Sullivan, who is also a reporter at The Washington Post, co-wrote a story about the confusion nationwide because of the government’s response to the coronavirus. Coronavirus webinar: IRE and the Reynolds Journalism Institute did a webinar last week on where journalists can find accurate data about COVID-19 and shared advice for using the data responsibly and …

person working on large dataset

Real people are behind the data covering ‘undercovered’ communities

Nausheen Husain, Jan Diehm and Mark Walker are three journalists who cover undercovered communities. Their advice to other reporters who want to do the same: Know when to walk away. The three spoke March 6 at the NICAR conference in New Orleans about best practices for covering underrepresented people and groups as well as where …

IMPOSTER spelled out in blocks

Mistakes can engender self-doubt among journalists

When journalists make mistakes, the consequences can be far-reaching, affecting consumers, governments and even the economy. But responsible journalists also carry the burden of the errors, and some begin to question themselves. The “imposter syndrome” lures some journalists into a rabbit hole of self-doubt. It leaves talented reporters restraining themselves under the pressure of the …